Flash Cross Nipple Stickers - Gold

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7,55 €
These shiny nipple stickers make sure your breasts get the attention they deserve! The nipple stickers are available in various designs and colors, so there is always a suitable set that matches your mood or your outfit. Choose your favorite and put them on when you are wearing a sexy open cup lingerie set or a translucent top. The nipple stickers are easy to use and you can re-use them when you remove them carefully.
Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
ΜέγεθοςOne Size
ManufacturerBijoux Indiscrets
BrandBijoux Indiscrets
Μήκος (CM)8
Πλάτος (CM)5.7
Βάρος (Κιλά)0.02
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