Harness With Metal Spots - Black

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This harness combines heavy-duty leather and stainless steel for a kinky rugged look that will really stand out in the crowd! Whether you want to make a strong fashion statement by wearing it over your clothes or as BDSM attire, this outfit prepares you for any excitement to come!

The harness closes at the back, around the neck, and around the waist, with four sturdy adjustable straps for a comfortable and perfect fit. It comes with 4 O-rings, two at the front and two at the back for lots of easy accessory attachments.

This beautifully crafted harness with studded details is available in black only.

The straps around the waist can be adjusted from 100 cm to 127 cm and the shoulder straps from 30 cm to 42 cm.
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ΜέγεθοςOne Size
ΥλικόΓνήσιο Δέρμα, Μέταλλο
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